ICE virusComputer virus
Anytime of the day you’ll be amazed if something strange occurs on your personal computer. When you open your email, having fun with a game, or making a research, you will abruptly get a message informing that viruses have tainted your computer. Your computer is truly infected with a computer virus when you observe that your computer is running slowly, crashing or rebooting itself. If this happens, you don’t have to worry since you can remove this virus at home with the help antivirus software that is set up in your personal computer. You must learn to utilize the tools so you can be able to remove viruses at home.
Actually a computer virus is a kind of software program that can enter your computer whenever you download a file that contains the virus. Your computer could run smoothly if you will remove the virus right away. If the virus is not taken away immediately, it will cause disorder in your computer and will begin to damage other files. The computer virus will lead to numerous pop-up ads to appear. It will also cause the sluggish operation of your computer and will begin to steal your individual information like security password as well as your bank account number. Getting rid of malware and this virus can be enjoyed if you will consider the following steps:
1. Do not open doubtful e-mail attachments. Computer viruses generally enter your personal computer through e-mail attachments or transitory internet files. Hence, you must open e-mail only if you expect one and you sure regarding the contents.

ICE virus
2. Don’t visit websites known to be notorious in scattering malicious software. Pornography sites and peer-to-peer networking are known commonly for dispensing diverse viruses that could damage your computer.
3. Set up anti-virus software in your personal computer. Make sure to choose the most excellent and update them regularly. 
4. Make sure that you have an active firewall all the time. The majority of computers appears with the usual firewall software that could track down the activity of the network of the computer and allows the alleged malware program to enter the system. 
5. Regular scanning of your computer using the anti-virus software and choose a thorough or deep scan in order that the software may scan the whole file system. You have to take away or quarantine virus available before they could scatter and destroy the computer system. 
6. Do not carry infected files or folder back on your spotless computer. Before you make backups of your files, you must conduct the scanning of virus in your whole computer. 
7. Avoid plug-ins to get rid of computer virus. 
8. You must fix errors. These errors could make your personal computer susceptible to attack by viruses. An excellent program to put on is Smart PC Fixer. This software checks and repair errors within a few minutes. It likewise an efficient anti-virus application. This program scans your personal computer for viruses, spyware and malware. This is an extremely neat means of keeping your personal computer healthy and it prevents all forms of computer viruses.
Your personal computer could avoid any virus and malware if you just consider all the things mentioned above. 

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computer virusICE Cyber
The ICE Cyber-Crimes Center Trojan is just a harmful computer assault that locks the PC and shows a notice notifying the consumer that their Laptop has been secured due to being associated with deceptive and unlawful on-line actions. Herpes is intended to ploy the consumer into thinking it's coming straight in the US colonization and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Cyber-Crimes Center, and it promises the pc has been active in the submission of JUNK e-mail, porn, and trademark materials.
The moment the ICE virus is mounted it locks all the options that come with the PC and the consumer isn’t in a position to steer from the caution information. It'll not lock out and an additional screen won't start. Even when they make an effort to turn off personally and reboot in safe-mode the caution message may trigger and secure the pc again. The note says that the charge of $300 or $400 ought to certainly be compensated by a Moneypak cards, which is really a type of pre-paid money moving. This alert message is actually a rip-off, as no genuine police force team may actually secure a user’s computer and need a cost be delivered within the PC.
Detailed Steps to eradicate ICE Cyber Centre Scam Virus Manually
How to proceed if you inward a perceive that pc is secured until fine is waged? Whenever your PC is secured by ICE cyber offences scam inquiring to cover $400 to uncover computer or you've to visit prison, don’t be worried about this, though it claims it's anti-trojan application on Jan 26, 2013 regarding pinpointing cyber-crooks, it's not the case. About the screen it shows an effort to uncover the pc by you'll result in the entire format of the operating-method. All of the information, movies, pictures, papers on your pc is likely to be erased. Whatever you noticed aren't actual. May the ICE Cyber-Crimes Center Trojan Moneypak scam money400 study your visitor? No. You are able to repair the problem below.

computer virus
Step 1: Attempt to connect out the web wire next reboot your pc normally. Following you can begin to see the pc, plug-in the wire again. When the virus doesn’t appear, you can proceed from step three. (If it’s wi-fi link, turn fully off/on in the place of inserting in/out wire)
Step 2: Reboot your pc in safe-mode with network. To get this done, please keep pushing F8 key prior to windows commences till you receive there revealed as below (Regarding Windows XP, Landscape and Get seven);
Step 3: Push Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to start the task manager to prevent the improvement of false ICE Cyber-Crimes Center virus scam. Since the title will be transformed quick, it'll be shown with various titles with random characters.
Step 4: Remove all of the documents associated with ICE virus scam.
The only path to ensure this ransom-ware is completely taking off the pc would be to take away the information manually. We've given a complete elimination manual below that'll clarify the steps required seriously to free the computer from the ICE virus. The earlier it's completely eliminated, the greater. Don’t overlook to ensure to operate virus checking application on the regular schedule to avoid potential issues.
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Police Cybercrime Investigation Department VirusAn Garda Síochána.Ireland's National Police Service Virus
Scams in cyberspace are dime a dozen. It seems to be the dream of every unethical hacker to develop that perfect plan to get users to pay something for their misdeeds. Wasn’t there a time when it was so easy to infect computers with a virus, and unethical hackers were churning out virus after virus to infect computers and networks, and selling the software tools for the removal of the virus they created? Lately they’ve come across something as effective: ransomware.  You know how countries are protecting their software industry by banding together to protect the intellectual property rights of software developers? That’s because cybercrimes cross national borders. And you’ve heard how those with evil intent uses the Internet for their evil doings? That’s now included in the list being monitored by cybercrime units. That provides the opening needed by these unethical hackers in developing such ransomware as the An Garda Síochána.Ireland's National Police Service Virus
It is so easy to scare computer users nowadays especially with the pretext of the above mentioned cybercrimes and cybercrime units. Imagine opening your computer and finding this message from the An Garda Siochana, Ireland’s National Police Service. How scared would you be when you find your computer’s been locked to this page and in reading the message how the Garda is the one that locked your computer for its involvement in the illegal distribution of copyrighted content? Imagine the fear you will feel when you see your webcam open and the Garda saying they’ve been monitoring your activity through the webcam? It’s all part of an elaborate ruse to give legitimacy and credibility to the page created by the An Garda Síochána.Ireland's National Police Service Virus. 

Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus
You are forced to believe because you know the Garda to be a legitimate law enforcement agency that the message is consistent with the intellectual property rights stand of the country and the video is a reinforcement of the idea of the powers given to these authorities in preventing cyber crimes. So it follows that if the page has scared you into believing its legitimacy, it has also scared you into paying the fine for unblocking your computer. 
No self respecting law enforcement authority will settle for a simple Internet page notification to inform wrongdoers of their crime. If your crime is serious enough to warrant their attention, any notification of your crime will come in the form of a visit from their law enforcement officers, who will inform you of your crime, your rights and apprehend you on the spot. And if you think about it, that page of the An Garda Síochána.Ireland's National Police Service Virus is just like an announcement for any perpetrator to run, because law enforcement officers will likely nab you without your knowledge if your crime is that severe enough to get their attention. 
Just remain calm and don’t pay the fine the page is talking about. You can have the virus removed with the latest malware removal suite or use the services of a cloud-based malware removal provider. But try using System Restore first. You might just find that doing it this way is cheaper than paying the fine. 
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PicturePolice Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus
There has been a considerable increase in the number of instances of nasty computer virus infections. The top of it is the “Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus”. The fear trading technique makes it more unique as compared to others_. Upon getting infected by this virus your computer immediately locks down all the applications. You are not able to see anything – your pictures – files – programs - desktop. CTRL-ALT-DEL or the Start button functions become disabled and you hover around a simple warning message that you cannot get rid of. The advanced version of these viruses may even run and execute this situation in safe mode as well.
The warning message blinking on the computer user’s screen implies that they might have broken a law such as browsing banned sites and hence the user needs to be prompt enough to pay the fine to avoid further strict actions that could and would be taken against the user. Taking it further and making the situation severe it starts prompting the computer user with his/her own IP Address - city location - displays a live webcam feed from your PC/laptop’s built in webcam while a banner flashing REC is blinking on top…it is a very scary situation for the computer user.
Now, that people slowly have realized the entire game – have slowed down and they don’t get terrified as in previous days. The money sending part over internet raises the alarm in everyone’s minds.

Symptoms of your laptop/PC being infected with Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus:
Computer system will lock down automatically and will not allow any further usage.
Directory files (application data) and registry entries created by this virus hamper the usage of safe mode.
A bogus page prompts you of - Warning from Canada along with an attention notice with words:Violating copyright rules – illegal usage and distribution of copyright material – article 128 of criminal code of Canada.Illegal access to computer data has been initiated from your PC. 
How to Remove Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus?
After a lot of hue and cry which happens to be a normal situation in the computer world – finally a solution/remedy has been sorted to fight/remove this Police Cybercrime Investigation Department Virus. This is something that you may do on your own; but a better idea would be to seek professional help. Laptop service stations use specially designed tools and the work from them comes with a guarantee certificate leading you to a situation where you do not need to pay for virus removal incase it reoccurs. The IT professional might charge 1-2 hours labor for removal. This is followed with some 4-6 hours of scans where all the files and folders on the computer are checked thoroughly for hidden versions to the installation of files to this virus. 
So do not wait for further damage and do not panic if something of this sort happens with you or your friends some time. Just be calm – do not try and become an Einstein to your computer – this is something which always would need professional expertise – so go for it.
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Think before you act. You just can’t go and use knee jerk reactions every time you see an official sounding email from a government agency. And that advice works as well for those times when you happen to find yourself locked out of your computer, with the screen showing a message from the FBI’s cybercrime division. It seems they’re on to you, how you surreptitiously check out those porn sites or download content from peer-to-peer networks. But wait, it seems they’re going to let you off easy, pay the fine of $300 and you get control of your computer back and hopefully they’ll forget about these minor offenses you’ve committed. Don’t you go about paying that fine, or you will be twice scammed. You’ve just encountered the FBI cybercrime division virus, a nasty ransomware that is getting distributed online.

Remember those porn sites or peer-to-peer networks you visited? You just might have gotten the FBI cybercrime division virus there, since hackers usually put their malware on sites that have a large following. But while the security protocol of these sites is top-notch, hackers are able to hide their ransomware in legitimate files, and that is how they escape detection in these high security sites. But there’s a few more ways, these ransomwares are able to penetrate your personal computer security measures. Since it is a Trojan and can be hidden, they can take a ride on legitimate emails or on the free software downloads that you do. And once you open these files, this Trojan installs a subroutine on your startup to lock your computer to the FBI cybercrime division virus page and locking you out of the other programs in your computer, including the much needed anti-virus protection program you installed on your computer.

PicturePCEU virus
It is easy to understand how scary this ransomware can be, with the official-looking page informing you of your violations, like those visits to porn sites and peer-to-peer networks, many of which has been used on the sly to pass on messages from evil doers and terrorists. There’s even a screen in the page that show you, supposedly, how they are monitoring you through your webcam, by showing a real time image of what the camera captures, which is that of your face. And with “evidence upon evidence of your wrong doing and their monitoring,” you’ll be scared into paying the fee they require to unlock your computer.
But don’t worry and don’t be scammed! Never ever pay the fee because they might just get something important from you – credit card information. Remember the “virus page?” all those validating information such as yourIP address, city, operating system and username can be easily accessed by the Trojan within your computer. Don’t add insult to injury by giving them access to your finances. And to get back to your problem of your computer being locked by this Trojan, the solution might be as easy as being able to access the Advanced Boot Manager section of the BIOS and using the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option to activate the system restore function of your operating system.

PictureICE virus
There are many different kinds of viruses and malicious software on the internet. These viruses infect a lot of computers simultaneously and bring productivity to a halt. The ICE virus or the ICE Cyber Crimes Center Virus is a scam that infects your computer and locks it completely. It then tells you that your computer was found to be doing some kind of illegal activity and has been locked by the ICE Cyber Crimes. Usually it says that the computer had copyrighted material or child pornography on it to try and scare the user. The message cannot be closed and disables all other functions of the computer. It demands a payment of $300 to $400 to unlock the infected device and also threatens the user with jail if the fine is not paid on time.

TheICE virus is an elaborate scam that plays on the fact that most users are not aware that any legal agency in the country will never lock a computer this way. It is a variant of the FBI virus that also worked along the same method. The virus completely disables the computer and the user cannot login to the computer in any way. The warning message that shows up on the screen also looks authentic and unsuspecting users sometimes pay the alleged fine to try to get their computer unlocked. Even paying the fine sometimes doesn’t disable the virus. All this time while the computer is infected, it is more vulnerable to additional viruses which this virus may download and install.

There is no legal agency called the ICE Cyber Crimes Center and it is an elaborate ruse to get unwitting users to pay an illegal fine. The law doesn’t allow any legal agency in the country to remotely disable any computer in this way unless there are extreme circumstances and no agency is ever going to be allowed to collect a fine. If a real law agency were to lock a device, they will have to produce warrants and all proper legal procedures will be followed. Please do not fall for this scam and be aware that any agency that claims to have detected illegal activity on your device and asks you for a fine for it is most definitely a scam by hackers who have created these programs to try and get money from users who are not well aware of the law. Many people have fallen for the ICE scam and there are more cases reported every day. If your computer has been infected by this virus, please do not pay any money and ignore all warnings about how not paying the fine will lead to an arrest.

There are many tools available for the removal of this tool and you can follow the detailed instructions to easily get rid of the ICE virus on your own. If you are not comfortable handling the removal process on your own, you can contact us on YooCare or YooSecurity helpline and we will guide you through the process of getting rid of this virus in easy to understand and step by step guidelines.
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If you are the type of person who enjoys downloading contents over the web whether documents, images or videos, then you might want to know that you are vulnerable for certain types of computer viruses. One of the serious types of computer viruses that you can get over the internet is the Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013. To begin with, there’s no such thing as the said anti-virus program but there is an antivirus developed by Microsoft which is named Microsoft Security Essentials. Did you spot the difference? Anyways, let’s get to know more about the MES Pro 2013 virus.

Discussing Things About Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013

So what is this MES Pro 2013 virus and what does it do? Cyber criminals today are really so determined to get into your computer in order to hack your financial information. This is why they copied Microsoft’s legitimate antivirus program which is the Microsoft Security Essentials, and the hackers named the virus Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013. If you are a newbie to viruses, then you won’t certainly spot the difference between the real one and the virus. In fact, this virus will also act as antivirus detecting threats on your computer (of course the threats that it detected are not real). So how do these hackers use or make money out of this virus? Here’s the process.

  • Scans After You Log In To Windows – once your computer is infected by the MES Pro 2013, it will eventually pop out in the screen right after you log in to your windows account. Not knowing that it is a virus, and then you would normally let it scan your computer.

  • Found Various Threats In Your Computer – after the scanning period is over, this fake antivirus will now give you results saying that your computer is at risk because it is infected by a lot of computer viruses. The fact that you don’t know that the threats it detected are not real, then you would normally follow what the fake antivirus said to remove the threats.
  • Acquire The License – however, before you can remove the threats, the fake antivirus would require you to get the license. Of course, you can’t get the license until you would pay the right amount. If you won’t pay the license, then the fake antivirus would regularly scan your computer and will continuously pop-up alerts which states that your computer is in a higher level or risk. If you would pay the license, then this will be time that the hackers have won the battle because they did not only get money from you, because they also tracked your financial information.

Removing The Fake Antivirus

Here’s how you can remove the anti-virus.
  • Turn On Your Computer In Safe Mode
  • Open Task Manager And Stop The Process Of MES Pro 2013
  • Go To Your Computer’s Registry And Delete The Files & Entries Related To The MES Pro 2013
To sum it up, you may want to install a very solid antivirus program so you won’t get infected with computer viruses. You should also get to know the new programs that were installed automatically in your computer.
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